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Места занятий
Район ж\д вокзала, автовокзала,
ул. Свердлова, 30, Гимназия №75
(перекресток ул. Свердлова и ул. Первомайской, через дорогу от 24-й поликлиники, где проходят медосмотр на права, через дорогу от торгового центра "Галилео")

Расписание и цены
Дорожная развязка "Второе Кольцо",
ул. Тимирязева, 67, каб. 531
(23-этажный бизнес-центр бело-бордового цвета, рядом Веснянка, дорожная развязка на Ждановичи, Тойота-центр)

Расписание и цены
р-н крытого Комаровского рынка,
ул. Куйбышева, 65, СШ №187
(через дорогу от крытого Комаровского рынка, позади магазинов "Мир сумок", "Комаровский", ст. м. "Площадь Якуба Коласа")

Расписание и цены
ул. Рафиева, 19, СШ №160,
(Т-образный перекресток ул. Рафиева и ул. Голубева, рядом кафе "Диалог", троллейбусное кольцо)

Расписание и цены
ул. Притыцкого, 88, СШ №185,
(между ст.м. "Каменная Горка" и ст.м. "Кунцевщина", недалеко от универсама "Заходнi")

Расписание и цены
ул. Горецкого, 71, СШ №217,
(рядом продуктовый магазин "Белмаркет", большая церковь)

Расписание и цены
ст.м. "Уручье",
ул. Острошицкая, 7, ЖЭУ 4, каб. 100, 1 этаж
(5 мин. ходьбы от ст.м. "Уручье", во дворах за "Альфа Радио")

Расписание и цены
ст.м. Малиновка,
ул. Ежи Гедройца 20, СШ №9

Расписание и цены
ст.м. Восток,
ул. Калиновского, 50
(500м пешком от ст.м. Восток)

Расписание и цены

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Minsk is an ancient city of Belarus first settled about 900 years ago. It's also the capital of the Republic, and accordingly the cultural and economical center of Belarus. The city is rich in history, traditions, culture and arts.

  • Independence Square with the House of Government
  • Church of St. Simon and Helena ("Red Church")
  • Victory Square with its 38 metres grey obelisk and eternal flame honouring the heroes of World War II
  • Yanka Kupala Park with a wonderful fountain
  • Troitskoye Predmestye (Trinity Suburb) – restored buildings of the 19th century
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral and St.Catherine’s Church – architectural monuments of the 17th century.
The National Arts Museum (State Picture Gallery) contains a large collection of the Belarussian art dating back to the 16-20th century. This collection consists of icons, ancient wooden sculptures, articles of applied art, paintings and drawings. At the exhibition, you will find the paintings by Russian artists of the 18-20th century as well as works of modern art.



This museum will be interesting to archeology and ethnology lovers. The museum comprises exhibits telling you everything you want to know about the culture and handicrafts of Belarus from the Stone Age. The collection of the museum features rich and rare folk garment, embroidery items including the world famous ones made in Slutsk.



Founded in 1932 it covers a large territory of 96 hectares. Within its green "walls" the visitors have a good chance to see Manchurian oak-tree, American ash-tree, Siberian larch and many other plants adapted well to the Belarussian land. Almost all flora habits of the republic are represented in the garden.



The Mir castle (15-16th century monument) staggers imagination by its beauty, grandeur, and artistic elegance. The red-brick castle is currently being restored, but one tower and the courtyard are open to visitors.

The small town of Nesvizh founded in the 13th century is home to the 16th century Renaissance Radziville family castle, the former residence of the ancient Belarusian-Lithuanian family of Prince Radziville. Close to Nesvizh castle is a magnificent Catholic church (16th century, architect Bernardoni) beautifully painted on the inside.



Strochitsy is a pretty tiny village situated on the picturesque banks of the River Ptich. Collections of original pieces of architecture let you compare Belarusian rural styles from different parts of the country. It offers you an open exposition of country buildings, hundreds of articles of domestic use, agricultural implements formerly used by peasants, and works of applied art.


March 22, 1943 – the small Belarusian village of Khatyn with 149 residents including 75 children was burnt by the Nazi. In 1969, on ruins Khatyn’s WWII Memorial was opened to honor the names of all the Belarusian villages. In tote, over 150 villages shared Khatyn’s fate.

Glory Mound is an imposing monument located at top of the artificial hill. It was built in honor of the Soviet Army which liberated Belarus from the German Nazi invaders in 1944. The soil from the nine "Hero Cities" of the former Soviet Union and from the battlegrounds of World War II was brought handful by handful to be piled into a mound. It’s a distinctive landmark on the airport highway.


Possibly, at present the ethnographical museum Dudutki is the first and only private museum of material culture. Here the past and present are brought together. This is a museum of handicrafts where a piece of clay, steel or wood is brought to life before your eyes.

The museum was founded in 1993, and it covers the territory of 160 hectares. In the Dudutki museum activities and entertainment combine in harmony with nature and history. Former inhabitants of Dudutki estate in the 19th century owned it for 130 years. They made Dudutky one of the centres of cultural life in Belarus. Whoever you are, irrespective of age or position, plunge yourself into the atmosphere of the 19th century, get to know the ways of country life and discover the secrets of ancient handicrafts.

Tourists are taken


  • to the old and the only working windmill in Belarus, where they can see how grain was turned into flour
  • to the pottery shop, where one can see traditional work of a skilled potter and join the artisan in creative process
  • to the ancient smithy, where one can watch a blacksmith at work and receive a lucky horse shoe as a gift
  • to the village bakery with tasting fresh village rye bread made before your eyes, farmer’s butter, cheese and milk
  • to the only legal in Belarus apparatus for "SAMOGON" (local vodka) tasting it with fresh cucumbers or marinated pickles with honey
  • to the water park where you can walk along its riverside pathways, enjoy nature and share the admiration and delight of the former inhabitants - musicians, historians and writers who lived here in the 19th century and made this country estate to the «Manor of Muses».
  • to the ethnographic gallery

To order the tour, please, address:

1. http://www.kontur-lamn-tour.relax.by

2.  http://www.hotels-minsk.com/tours/excursions.htm

3. http://www.belintourist.com/eng/services/tours_and_excursions/minsk_sightseeing_tour

We can arrange any tour at your request!tantsy

Café “Zhar Ptitsa”
Offers you delicious Belarusian cuisine, Belarusian music and dances. Every guest is involved in dancing
Entrance fee – 2 EUR
Working hours: 19:00-23:00
Minsk, Gorky park
Tel: 8-029-652-64-73
7 Miracles of Belarus (according to population)

Nightlife  in Minsk

1. Madison Royal Club (Minsk, Timirjazeva, 9, www.MadisonClub.by)

2. West World Club (Minsk, Storozhevskaya, 8, http://westworldclubc.en.relax.by/ )hightlife

3. Gudvin Club (Minsk, Nezavisimosti avenue, 19)

4. NextClub (Minsk, Kirova str.,8, http://next.en.relax.by/ )

5. Overtime (Minsk, Pobediteley avenue, 4, http://overtime.by/ )

6. Africa Club (Minsk, Timirjazeva, 9 http://www.africaclub.by/)

7. NLO Club (Minsk,Ya. Kolasa, 37, http://www.nlo.by/ )

8. Titan Club (Dzerzhinskogo, 104, http://www.titanminsk.by/index.php?url_id=245 )

More discos are on

1. http://www.relax.by/playbill/clubs/

2. http://www.kontur-lamn-tour.relax.by/

3. http://www.nemiga.info/nochnye-kluby-minska.htm

4. http://www.map.by/ru/catalog/Kluby_diskoteki.htm

5. http://afisha.tut.by/party.php





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