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Места занятий
Район ж\д вокзала, автовокзала,
ул. Свердлова, 30, Гимназия №75
(перекресток ул. Свердлова и ул. Первомайской, через дорогу от 24-й поликлиники, где проходят медосмотр на права, через дорогу от торгового центра "Галилео")

Расписание и цены
Дорожная развязка "Второе Кольцо",
ул. Тимирязева, 67, каб. 531
(23-этажный бизнес-центр бело-бордового цвета, рядом Веснянка, дорожная развязка на Ждановичи, Тойота-центр)

Расписание и цены
р-н крытого Комаровского рынка,
ул. Куйбышева, 65, СШ №187
(через дорогу от крытого Комаровского рынка, позади магазинов "Мир сумок", "Комаровский", ст. м. "Площадь Якуба Коласа")

Расписание и цены
ул. Рафиева, 19, СШ №160,
(Т-образный перекресток ул. Рафиева и ул. Голубева, рядом кафе "Диалог", троллейбусное кольцо)

Расписание и цены
ул. Притыцкого, 88, СШ №185,
(между ст.м. "Каменная Горка" и ст.м. "Кунцевщина", недалеко от универсама "Заходнi")

Расписание и цены
ул. Горецкого, 71, СШ №217,
(рядом продуктовый магазин "Белмаркет", большая церковь)

Расписание и цены
ст.м. "Уручье",
ул. Острошицкая, 7, ЖЭУ 4, каб. 100, 1 этаж
(5 мин. ходьбы от ст.м. "Уручье", во дворах за "Альфа Радио")

Расписание и цены
ст.м. Малиновка,
ул. Ежи Гедройца 20, СШ №9

Расписание и цены
ст.м. Восток,
ул. Калиновского, 50
(500м пешком от ст.м. Восток)

Расписание и цены

Вступайте в нашу группу В Контакте
Terms and conditions PDF Печать E-mail


On the first day all students are shown the facilities of the School and are tested to determine Russian-language skills to be placed in groups. Students are provided with the training programme and weekly timetable, and they are introduced to their academic tutors and to their new groupmates. Sigma also makes orientation around Minsk and the facilities close to the School for all newcomers.


To enrol on a course at Sigma, students should forward a completed enrolment form and a copy of their passport to our special service at Contour-LAMN Education & Travel Co. after that we will issue an invoice to forward full tuition, accommodation and other fees to our account in advance. Students applying for a course longer than 3 months shall apply for a state university language programme, all other students can arrive in Belarus at our invitation, that we provide to immigration authorities. In the case of visa refusal and at the discretion of our director, on production of an original visa refusal document a refund of all fees may be granted less the registration fee, cost of visa and any additional expenses, e.g. express mail delivery fee, bank charges. Completed enrolment forms may be forwarded to our school by fax, e-mail or post.

No refund will be granted in case of late arrival at a course, early departure, change of course or dismissal. Students shall understand that enrolment stipulates obligation of students to study for the duration of stay declared. The onus is on clients to ensure that they receive full information on the course they require prior to enrolment. Sigma reserves the right to make changes to the dates, fees and content of courses, without notice.

By signing our enrolment form all students agree with the terms and conditions provided by our schools.

All local bookings (if a person is already in Belarus) can be made either at our school or at our special service at Contour-LAMN Education & Travel Co.

Please, find enrolment form attached.

Enrollment form

Minimum Age

Sigma accepts students aged 18 and above for all programmes.

Language Levels

Should students wish to confirm their Russian-language skills in advance, they may undertake the placement test which we can provide in advance before arrival of the student. However student shall understand that on arrival to the school our teachers will check speaking skills of the student and can change the assigned level to the respective level according to the teacher’s understanding. All other students will have their placement test on the first day at our School.

Student Support

Our staff can be reached throughout normal School opening hours and emergency staff can be contactable any time during weekends and night time to deal with emergencies.


All classes have a maximum of 6-10 participants.

Academic Staff

Sigma employs part-time tutors and full-time specialist trainers. All tutors are professionally qualified with diplomas.

Payment of Fees

Full payment of fees is due 4 weeks prior to course commencement. Payment may be made by bank transfer. All bank charges shall be borne by the remitter. If a booking is made less than 30 days before the course starting date, the fees are immediately payable. Unless payment has been received in full, students will not be allowed to start the course.

Extending a Course

Any course can be extended at our School at any time during study, this is subject to availability and visa expiration period. The required fees must be paid prior to extension.

Course Withdrawal

Should a student leave or be dismissed from Sigma prior to course completion date, no refund will be granted. Students are therefore strongly advised to obtain travel and health insurance. Should a student decide to take a holiday during a course, we will not provide refund or compensation for missed lessons.


Requests to change or leave previously allocated accommodation must be made in advance. Notice periods for vacating accommodation are one week for apartments. A fee of 40 EUR will be charged to students requesting to change their accommodation – rationale must be provided. Where accommodation is required for a part-week only, the cost shall be requested in advance and will be given pro rata according to the list of apartments which are possible to book for 1-7 days only.


The School reserves the right to dismiss a student for unsatisfactory work, poor attendance, or misconduct. In such circumstances, no fees will be refunded.

Liability & Insurance

Sigma and its representatives are not liable for any loss, damage, illness, or injury to persons or property, however caused. It is each client’s responsibility to take out personal insurance cover against all such risks, including the inability to attend or continue a course due to illness or accidental injury. Most foreign citizens must have obligatory state insurance made by “Belgosstrakh”, please visit the wep-page with explanations:


Visa support

Most foreign citizens are to obtain a Belarusian visa for entrance to Belarus. There are certain diplomatic passport nationals who are permitted to enter Belarus without visa: Argentina, Brazil, China, Hungary, India, Iran, FYR Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Vietnam.

In order to get support in obtainig a visa, please contact http://www.tour-lamn.by/eng/services

Data Protection

Students’ personal information will not be disclosed to any unauthorized person or body, except where appropriate, in respect of student sponsors, the police, immigration authorities, or other official authorities. Sigma may, however, use personal data in connection with the prevention or detection of fraud or any other crimes.

Photographs, Video & DVD

Sigma can take photos and videos within the School, some of which might be incorporated in our future marketing materials, or be forwarded to student sponsors, the police, immigration authorities. Should you not wish to appear in any Sigma promotional media, please advise us in writing prior to commencement of your course.

Official Holidays

Our school will not operate during official holiday time: 01 January, 07 January, 25 December, Easter.
Lessons which are missed during holiday time will be provided in accordance with teachers’ schedule.

Duration of Lessons

Study periods comprise blocks of 2, forty-five minute lessons at set periods during the day. Courses run from Monday to Friday and lessons are scheduled both in the morning and the afternoon with different shifts at various times of year. Tutors are available daily for individual consultation.

School Timetable
School Opens 08:30
Period 1                            09:00-10:30
(coffee, tea, snacks)
Period 2                            10:45-12:15
(salad, soup, main dish, drink)
Period 3                             13:15-14:00 (except friday)
School Closes 16:00

Books and Learning materials

All books and learning materials will be made available to students during their course. A book deposit (EUR35, USD40) may be charged at the beginning of the course. This will be refunded at the end of the course, if the books are returned in good condition.

Housing Deposit

A refundable housing deposit of up to EUR200 may be charged on arrival to students taking accommodation in Minsk. The deposit is returned unless there is damage, loss or extra cleaning to be paid for on the student’s departure. In some cases the deposit may be non-refundable if the booking is cancelled.

Force Majeure

Neither Sigma, nor its representatives, are liable in the event of the School being unable to supply services to which it is contractually bound, i.e. in the event of labour disputes, or other causes outside Sigma control, including changes in Belarusian legislation.

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