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Программа курса “Подготовка к централизованному тестированию по английскому языку”


1. Lexical and grammar test. To be, to have, there+be.
2. The Present Indefinite and Present Continuous.
3. Comparison present tense-forms.
4. The Past Indefinite and Past Continuous.
5. Comparison past tense-forms. Active Voice.
6. The Present Perfect.
7. The Present Perfect Continuous.
8. Comparison perfect tense-forms.
9. Present Tenses. The Active voice.
10. The Past Simple and the Past Continuous.
11. The Past Perfect.
12. The Past Perfect Continuous.
13. Past Tenses. The Active Voice.
14. The Future Indefinite and other ways of expressing the future.
15. The Future Continuous, the Future Perfect, the Future Perfect Continuous.
16. Future Tenses. The Active Voice.
17. The Passive Voice. Indefinite tense-forms.
18. The Passive Voice. Continuous and Perfect tense-forms.
19. The Passive Voice vs The Active Voice.
20. Modal Verbs. Can, could, be able, may.
21. Modal Verbs. Must, have to, to be to, need.
22. Modal Verbs. Should, ought to.
23. Conditionals. Type I, II, III.
24. Conditionals. Wish – clauses.
25. The Infinitive.
26. The Gerund.
27. The Participle. Participle I, Participle II.
28. Infinitive Constructions vs Participle Constructions.
29. The Noun. The Case.
30. The Noun. The number.
31. The Article.
32. Pronouns. Personal, possessive and reflexive.
33. Indefinite pronouns.
34. Defining, demonstrative pronouns.
35. The Adjective. Degrees of comparison, word order.
36. Adjectives, ending in –ly, -ed, -ing.
37. The Adverb. Degrees of comparison.
38. The numeral.
39. Prepositions of time, place, direction.
40. Prepositions with nouns, adjectives.
41. Prepositions after verbs.
42. Phrasal Verbs.
43. Text c connectors.
44. Word formation. Nouns.
45. Word formation. Adjectives.
46. Word formation. Verbs.
47. Conversational formulas and phrases.
48. Multicultural studies.
49. Difficult words.

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